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Billiards and games

Pool is a traditional game that has been in use for generations upon generations, used as a recreational sports and a professional sport it's a great game for the entire family. Billiard games have simple rules that are easy to understand if you have taken the time to understand them.

Billiard pool games go like this: You break the balls from their triangle form. You both take turns hitting balls until you put one in a pocket, if you sink a stripped ball you are stripes from then on. If you hit in a solid, you're solids for the remainder of the game. You then spend the rest of your game trying to get your balls in, aside from the 8 ball which you save for very last. Whomever gets their balls into the pockets the quickest is the winner.

Pool is a common billiard game that is a favorite among many individuals including entire families and professionals. Start learning how to play today!